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While the October release of PoCV11 will mark a major milestone in the Helium technology, hotspot owners only need to take a few simple actions in order to fully take advantage of this upgrade. This article will step through a few of the checks and operational processes that can help you comply with PoCV11.

Assert to the correct location

Helium has had various problems with precise location assertion over its short lifetime. Changes in PoCV11 make it so that those who assert wrong locations–even locations that are slightly off in order to appear in different hexes–can be penalized. You should fully expect your reward rate to be compromised if you have spoofed your location.

PoCV11 allows for the usage of more data in determining coverage. One feature includes allowing hotspots to effectively triangulate the location of others using units of power and received signal strength indicator, which would easily expose hotspots that were asserted in the wrong place.

This feature should make a big difference in eliminating location spoofing across the helium network. If you are needing to re-assert your location, this costs 1,055,000 data credits. This is roughly $10 USD. If you don’t remember paying to assert your location the first time, that’s because the first assertion is free.

Assert your antenna gain

Several months ago, you may have noticed a feature was added to the app that allowed you to set your antenna’s gain. Back then, the feature was not used. With PoCV11, this information will be used. In the antenna madness of many months ago, some hotspot owners might have ended up with antennas that are actually too powerful based on local regulations. PoCV11 allows this power to be scaled down from within the app.

Antenna gain is often the most prominent information included with any aftermarket antenna. You can also set your antenna’s height off the ground, which is currently not used by the app or Helium technology, but many enthusiasts will want to know this information anyway. Might as well try your best to measure it.

Why do this? If your gain is asserted improperly, this can be discovered by witnesses. Not only will your earnings be harmed by this, but witnesses will suffer, too.

Evangelize for PoCV11 adoption

Well, everyone will adopt PoCV11 immediately upon release. However, the network will in a better state with less penalties the faster that everyone asserts location and antenna strength! Proof of Coverage benefits from this collaboration and cooperation

Overall, PoCV11 will be a major improvement to Helium especially as the number of online hotspots is nearly 250,000! This helps deal with new issues while providing fixes for old issues that were holding back the technology. Hotspot owners need to just take a few minutes to account for this change. 

How to Prepare for PoCV11