I have spent my career working in the proprietary trading space in Chicago. I started on the software side, moved to a DevOps role, and now work as a Trading Systems Engineer. I am intensely curious and take great pleasure in expanding my base of knowledge. There is much I wish to achieve in my life and this blog is one way I challenge myself while also hopefully helping and inspiring others. In my free time, I enjoy running, skiing, bicycling, eating, and reading books.

You will find diverse subject matter on this website. Though I do refer to my primary method of employment, nothing here is endorsed by, approved by, or an official representation of any employers, past or present. Some articles posted are satire, others are nothing more than writing experiments that I am comfortable associating with my name. I often look back at my own work and wonder what I was thinking–my point is that you should view this more as a diary I share with the world than a professional work portfolio.

As much as I think of the internet as my playground and this website as my own private jungle gym, I understand that that is a cheap facade to hide behind. It is never my intention to infringe on anyone’s rights–it’s worth mentioning that I don’t make money from this–and if anything I have posted is of a concern to you please contact me and I will gladly comply with your request.