I started this blog after graduating college in 2016. It’s been a great platform for me to share my theories, opinions, and experiences with a wider audience. I take pride in the body of work I’ve assembled here. The original purpose of this site was simply to share book reviews and the results of programming projects. It’s grown significantly as I have developed my voice and broadened my perspective.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am an Amazon Affiliate. Some of my articles, especially product reviews, may contain affiliate links. I am paid a small percentage when someone buys a product after clicking such links. It’s possible that I may be compensated in other ways through other affiliate programs. This compensation does not affect what articles I write or the contents of those articles. I’ll always be a real person offering unique perspectives free of outside influence.


First and foremost, what I’ve written here does not represent the views of my employers, past or present. Further, at the time of writing, I hold my Series 57 and am a Securities Trader Representative registered with FINRA. I am not qualified to give investment advice. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as investment advice.

This is the only platform on the internet where I actively associate content with my personage. My activity on all other platforms is conducted with the expectation of quasi-anonymity and privacy. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Occasionally, I’ll write an article that provides a fierce critique of a person, business, or product. If you ever find yourself in my crosshairs and feel uncomfortable, please reach out to me. Whether to debate or to politely request a takedown, I’d probably comply without further comment.

Employment Opportunities

I am most interested in private investment discussion, partnership opportunities, and speaking & writing arrangements. Please do not contact me for programming roles. I’m happy where I am and with how things are going. Reach out if you’d like to speak more.