I love to write. This website was created as a platform to express myself. My interests are quite diverse and, as the years have ticked by, I’ve become less inhibited when it comes to sharing my creations and opinions with a wider audience. Self-promotion has rarely felt appropriate here–most of my friends, family, connections, and colleagues don’t know about my little corner of the internet. In fact, I find society has conditioned us to laugh at people whose passion leaves them vulnerable, so I’m happy with organic growth.

I’m not trying to build a fanbase or befriend everyone who stops by. If I could state one goal, that goal would be to establish a site where a visitor can find that very specific thing he’s looking for and then stumble upon something completely new and exciting. This is how I made my fondest memories while exploring the early internet. Recapturing this magic can help make this commercialized hellscape a better place.

Speaking of corporate greed, I made the decision to monetize this blog in early 2021. Nobody will ever tell you that even the adolescent Tim O’Hearn didn’t dream of cash flow. This was a simple calculus. If I could maintain the authenticity of the blog while being able to justify carving out 4x as much time for writing, it’s not just a proposition that makes sense, it’s a dream come true.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am an Amazon Affiliate. I am a member of several other affiliate programs as well. Some of my articles, especially product reviews, contain affiliate links. I am paid a small percentage when someone buys a product after clicking such links. It’s possible that I may be compensated in other ways through other affiliate programs. This compensation does not affect what articles I write or the contents of those articles. I’ll always be a real person offering unique perspectives free of outside influence.


First and foremost, what I’ve written here does not represent the views of my employers, past or present. Nothing is endorsed by my employer(s). I am not permitted to act as a public-facing representative of my employer(s) or speak to reporters on behalf of them.

At the time of writing, I hold my Series 57 and am a Securities Trader Representative registered with FINRA. I am not qualified to give investment advice. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as investment advice.

Occasionally, I’ll write an article that provides a fierce critique of a person, business, or product. If you ever find yourself in my crosshairs and feel uncomfortable, please reach out to me. Whether to debate or to politely request a takedown, I’d probably comply without further comment. The internet can seem like a virtual lion’s den but, trust me, I have feelings, too.

Connecting & Employment Opportunities

My blog is pretty small; I’m happy to connect and chat with anyone. Please do not abuse this openness in order to shop me generic programming roles! The opportunities I am most interested in are writing features (+ services), blog partnerships, and biz dev consulting. Anything else, if it doesn’t feel like you’d be taking a huge chance on me, I’m the wrong one.


timothy (dot) joseph (dot) ohearn (at) gmail