By profession, I’m a software engineer. By fact, I’m a creator, a thinker, a dabbler, a connoisseur, a tinkerer, and a person who reads enough that he knows all these titles are cliché.

Primarily I will focus on tackling engineering challenges and exploring applications of technology and entrepreneurship. My most frequent type of post will be short tutorials and demonstrations of my programming projects. Another broad category will be my commentary on blogs, articles, projects, and various special topics. Yet another, as I gain more experience, will revolve around soft skills, or, life as a software developer. There are other things I may write about: hobbies and eccentric, completely-unrelated-to-any-of-the-above, topics I have researched, but I don’t plan on sharing much of this, if any at all. I’m still figuring it out.

Follow along as I attempt to satisfy my curiosities and make your day a little more interesting – we just might learn something.


Great Expectations